La Fourchette

[St Heliers, Auckland, New Zealand ]

“Would you like a double shot instead of your usual single? Or would that be reckless?”

—Hugh, un barista de La Fourchette

Oh la la. La Fourchette!

St Heliers by the Sea

We moved to New Zealand in 2015 for my husband’s job knowing nothing about Auckland and its vast expanse of suburbs. Proximity to whichever high school (“college”) best suited our son was our priority, and led us to St Heliers Bay, a small coastal village about five miles south of Auckland. Over the years we became increasingly aware of our good fortune. St Heliers is a New Zealand gem.

St Heliers, un belle ville.

There are several coffee shops and cafes in tiny St Heliers ranging from no-frills to high-end-trendy, and each is dear to me. La Fourchette skews the curve because it is, well… French!

Quelques pâtisseries.

An authentic French café and brasserie with an in-store pâtisserie lovingly dubbed La Petit Fourchette, La Fourchette is staffed largely by authentic speakers of le français. Come for the coffee, stay for your server’s enthralling accent, feed your soul!

Le staff.

The kitchen, which is in full view as you wait for your takeaway mochachino, is the real deal. So fun to watch.

Les chefs, dans la cuisine.
Seasonal fruit crêpes for brunch? Oui!

Every coffee I’ve ever been served at La Fourchette has been amazing. Even takeaways come with a complimentary chocolate kiss, by the way. Agréable! Between le chocolat and La Fourchette’s loyalty card (and competitive prices!), ce café est mon préféré.

La Fourchette, je vous adore!

8c Turua Street, St Heliers, Auckland 1071


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