Remedy Coffee

The approach: So nice!

[Auckland, New Zealand]

Beautiful Aucklandia.

A bustling port city located on east coast of New Zealand’s North Island, Auckland is an urbanite’s paradise. Come for the contemporary architecture, the array of interesting skyscrapers, the Sky Tower, the wharf, the water, the pristine air quality, the big white cloud, the amazing diversity, the surge of youthful energy, the sparkling cleanness, the safety, the nearby beaches… and stay for the coffee.

Coffee houses abound in Auckland’s lively Central Business District. Remedy Coffee, located right in the middle of everything, is one that I find impossible to resist.

So charming!

I am unable to walk past Remedy without popping in, even if I’m not in the mood for coffee. The aroma and lively atmosphere are intoxicating.

A fairly small city in terms of surface area, Auckland’s universities are very near the CBD, resulting in a wonderful mix of people: students, business folk, residents, tourists, etc. I always love the crowd at Remedy.

In Other News… Cold Brew!

… and light jazz!

As an added bonus, Remedy offers a cold brew option that is not an ice cream concoction.

In the US, “iced coffee” = the coffee blend of your choice, perhaps including a shot or two of espresso, chilled and served over ice, usually with milk or cream. Add sugar to taste.

In New Zealand, “iced coffee” = a coffee milkshake. It’s a special event and a spectacular calorie commitment that is not for me. Call me crazy but I’m a coffee addict, not an ice cream person. :o)

To my delight, the barista at Remedy offered me an iced coffee with or without ice cream. Obviously I opted for the latter. In my perfect world the proportions would have leaned more toward coffee, less toward milk, but I enjoyed the experience nonetheless.

Made with a great deal of care. Wonderful baristas!

Where do you stand on the issue of iced coffee? Do you love it, or think the entire concept is bizarre? Like many of my kiwi friends, do you insist on ice cream in your iced coffee, or are you a sane person like me? (Just kidding. I love you, Kiwis, you know that I do.)

Let me know!

Make the scene. 😊

And check out Remedy Coffee.
1 Wellesley Street West, Auckland CBD, Auckland 1010


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