“Clouds” Boutique, in Heshun Ancient Village 和顺镇 [Tengchong, China]

In Heshun Ancient Village  we saw a shop—two sister shops, in fact—with white cotton clothes dyed with bits of blue. T-shirts, of course, but also blouses, scarves, hats, bags, and flowy dresses… the kind that float around you on a breezy day. Nothing in the boutique was pressed and prim, but everything was tidy andContinue reading ““Clouds” Boutique, in Heshun Ancient Village 和顺镇 [Tengchong, China]”

Heshun Ancient Village 和顺镇 [Tengchong, China]

Situated in western China, abounding in picturesque scenery and activities for tourists, Tengchong is poised to become a vacation hot-spot. While the city is growing rapidly, commercialization and modernization are serving to ease accessibility without diminishing old-world charm. Traveling with two Chinese families, my husband, son and I visited several tourist destinations in and aroundContinue reading “Heshun Ancient Village 和顺镇 [Tengchong, China]”