“Clouds” Boutique, in Heshun Ancient Village 和顺镇 [Tengchong, China]

In Heshun Ancient Village  we saw a shop—two sister shops, in fact—with white cotton clothes dyed with bits of blue. T-shirts, of course, but also blouses, scarves, hats, bags, and flowy dresses… the kind that float around you on a breezy day. Nothing in the boutique was pressed and prim, but everything was tidy and careful. Billowy and fluffy, tastefully tie-dyed. Small swirls of dye organized on a soft white robe, t-shirts once white with hems dipped in indigo that bled up into an inviting fade. An artist owned the shop, I felt sure, someone whose work I would admire.

I took this photo of the second, smaller shop, but the photo could not capture quality of air that you felt while walking past. The larger shop was especially lovely. We couldn’t read the sign so I will call it Clouds.


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